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Rocking cradle


Build a solid cradle for my son before he would be born :-) Hopefully solid enough to last generations and get passed on as heirloom.

It needed to be child safe:

  1. Safe distances between the slats so that even at the naughtiest of times, my son's body parts wont get stuck between the sticks.

  2. Soft edges that reduce the potential for clothes to get hooked into.

  3. A rocker that cannot be toppled.

  4. Baby safe finishes for those months of gnawing.

  5. Look nice.

Sketch it out

Cradle sketch

Dry fits





Clamping rocker to legs

Clamping bed

Clamping the whole unit

Rocking test

cradle 01

Final shots

cradle 01

cradle 02

cradle 03

cradle 04